District Plan


​The District Plan explains how Council will manage development within the District.  It sets out the activities you can do as of right, what activities you need a Resource Consent for and how certain activities may be carried out.  The District Plan covers things like:

  • Construction or extending a building.
  • Subdividing land.
  • Putting up a sign.
  • Changing the use of a building.
  • Noise.

 The current version of the District Plan became fully operative on 24 December 2014.

Policies and Rules 

The table below shows the Policies and Rules of the District Plan.

The Rules are used to determine whether an activity, (eg, building or extending a house or rural shed) requires Resource Consent or is a Permitted Activity (no Resource Consent required). 

To establish if an activity is Permitted you need to check both:

  • The relevant Zone Rules (eg, the Residential or Rural Zone Rules)  Check the District Plan Maps if you are unsure what zone you are located within.
  • The Activity Rules where relevant (see table below).
​DP​District Plan Overview​View
​DI​District Wide Introduction​View
​TW​Tangata Whenua of the Ruapehu District​View
​IR​information Requirements​View
​NG​Notification GuidanceView
Policies and Rules
​AR​Active Reserve Zone​View​View
​CA​Heritage Conservation Area​ViewView
​CM​Commercial Zone​View​View
​DR​District WideViewView
​FC​Financial Contributions​ViewView
​HS​Hazardous Substances​ViewView
​IN​Industrial Zone​ViewView
​IV​Indigenous Vegetation and Habitats of Indigenous Fauna​View​View
​ML​Tangata Whenua Values and Maori Land View​View
​NH​Natural Hazards​View​View
​NL​Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes View​View
NUNetwork Utilities​ViewView
​PA​Protected Areas ZoneViewView
​RB​Relocated BuildingsView​View
​RE​Residential Zone​View​View
​RP​Riparian Management and Public Access​View​View
​RU​Rural ZoneView​View
​SA​Special Activities​ViewView
​SW​Surface of WaterView​View
​TI​Transport, Infrastructure and Car ParkingViewView
​US​Urban Settlement ZoneView​View
​2​Transport Diagrams​View
​3​Hazardous Substances​View
​4​Schedule of Heritage Buildings and SitesView
​5​Schedule of Heritage Conservation Areas​View
​6​Schedule of Heritage Trees​View
​7​Taumarunui AirfieldView
​8​Maintenance of an Historice Site and Areas of Significance to Maori ​View
​9​National Park Alpine Design Features​View
​10​National Park Viewshaft​View
​11​Kowhai Structure Plan​View
​12​Relocated Building Pre-Inspection Report Template


​13​Relocated Buildings - Bond​View

District Plan Maps

Not all of the Ruapehu District is the same.  Some activities are better suited to certain areas.  To address these differences, Council has divided the District and, in some cases the towns, into Zones (eg, Residential, Industrial, Rural, etc). 

The District Plan Maps enable you to establish the zoning of a site and any specific features (eg, Heritage Buildings or Outstanding Landscapes).

Other Regulations

There is a variety of other Regulations that need to be considered with certain applications.  Information is provided on some of the more common Regulations that may need to be considered when you are undertaking a development (eg, National Environmental Standards (NES), the Regional Plan, Building Consent and Environmental Health).  

Please contact our Environmental Planners if you would like to purchase a copy of the District Plan or require further information.

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