District Plan Maps

​To view the District Plan Maps select the correct map from the table.

For most sites in the District you will need to check two sets of maps:

  • For properties in urban areas you will need to check the relevant Urban and Urban Features Maps.
  • For properties in rural areas you will need to check the relevant Rural and Rural Features Maps.

The Urban and Rural Maps show  information such as the zoning of the site, designations, heritage features, etc.  The Urban Features and Rural Features Maps show the Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes, 1,000m buffer around State Highway 47 (National Park to Turangi), etc.

The planning maps are separated out into four different types for ease of use, each map covers different parts of the district and show different information at the most appropriate scale. As with the District Plan text, these maps are updated from time to time (as a result of plan changes and appeal settlements) so if you print out these maps, you may wish to check the date at the bottom of each map to ensure you are using the most up-to-date map. For clarification please contact Council.

Road Index

Use the Road Index in conjunction with the Urban Key Map and Rural Key Map to locate the road you are looking for.


Use the Legend to identify what the different notations on the maps mean. To open the legend in a separate window, right click the link and choose the 'open in new window' option.

Urban and Urban Features Maps

These are detailed maps restricted to the urban environments which show, at a large scale, where individual urban properties and urban features can be identified. 

​Locality​Urban Map​Urban Features Map
Ohura​ View
​Taumarunui Golf RoadView
​Taumarunui Central​View​View
​National Park​ViewView
​Ohakune JunctionView​View
​Ohakune Clyde Street​View
​Waiouru North​View​View
​Waiouru South​View​View

 Rural and Rural Features Maps

These maps cover the entire Ruapehu District showing rural information and features at an intermediary scale.

​Locality​Rural Map​Rural Features Map
​Ohakune Raetihi​View
​Ruatiti Horopito​View​View
​Desert RoadView​View
​National Park Owhango​View​View
​Ohura Matiere​View​View
​Waituhi Saddle​View
​Ongarue Waimiha​View

Designation Enlargements

These are detailed maps showing areas designated to a particular activity within the Ruapehu District at a large scale.

​Designation Enlargements​View
​Te Koura, Tokirima, Ongarue, Okahukura RailwayView
​Matiere, Matapuna, Bell Road Taumarunui RailwayView
​Taumarunui, River Road Taumarunui, Manunui Railway​View
​National Park, Piriaka, Ruapehu Road Ohakune Railway​View
​Horopito, Old Station Road Ohakune, Taniwai Railway​View
​Waiouru, Thames Street Ohakune RailwayView
​Ohura Railway​View

Amenity Policy Area Maps

​Whakapapa Village​View
​Turoa Ski Fields​View
​Whakapapa Ski Fields​View

Taumarunui Airport Approach Enlargement

​Taumarunui airport approach englargement​View

 Please contact Council's Environmental Planners if you require any further information.

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