District Plan FAQs


What is a District Plan?

A District Plan is a document which sets out the guidance and rules on how you can use and develop your land.
Every development project needs to be assessed under the Ruapehu District Plan to determine if Resource Consent is required.

How do I use the District Plan?

The first step is to refer to the District Plan maps to find out what zone (eg, rural, residential, commercial) your property is in. Each zone has different requirements and overlays which could affect your property.
When you have found the appropriate zone, you will then need to refer to the rules of that zone and for any rules for specific activities such as relocating houses, subdivision, dealing with heritage items (see  Heritage FAQ page for more information), signage, etc. This step will help you learn if your activity is permitted or if it will require resource consent and which Transport and Parking rules you will also have to comply with.
If you find that your activity is not a permitted activity because either it is not listed as one within the zone or it does not meet one or more of the general conditions, you will need to apply for resource consent.
Information on resource consent applications can be found on the Resource Consent FAQ page.

Any Tips?

Check the Definitions section of the District Plan if there are any terms you are unsure of.
Check with Horizons Regional Council to find out if there are any matters they are concerned with in regard to your application.
A building consent may be required under the Building Act 2004.  Please contact the Building Team for this.

Please contact Council if you require further clarification.

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