Find Your Water Toby

​​​​​If you have a leak in your home or you need to do some DIY that involves plumbing, you may need to turn your water supply off. To turn off the water supply to your property you need to locate the water shut off valve (or toby). 

How to find your toby

The toby for your property is owned and maintained by Council. It will be located somewhere on the boundary of your property and should be housed in a toby box or access cover. Sometimes the Toby is buried or completely covered and hard to find.

Some tips to help you locate your toby are listed below:

  1. Look in the driveway or garden and under vegetation, rocks, fences and even spa pools!
  2. The lid access is often characterised by a dip in the lawn.
  3. The toby is often on the property boundary in line with an outside tap situated on the house.
  4. Use the 'Turning off your Water Supply' brochure ​to assist you in finding your toby.


Use the map below to help you to locate your water toby (shown as blue dots). Note that the map is indicative only and you may need to look in the immediate area around the location shown on the map to find your water toby.

If you are still unable to locate your toby Council can find it for you, however there will be a charge for this. The current fee for carrying out a Toby Locate can be found on the Water Services Fees and Charges page on Council Website.

A Toby Locate can be logged through Council website Request for Service or by phoning Council on (07) 8958188 or (06) 385 8364.


The information provided is an indication only and needs to be validated in the field. The RDC accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions for loss or damage resulting from the reliance or use of this information. Cadastral information is derived from LINZ's Digital Cadastral Record System (CRS) CROWN COPYRIGHT RESERVED.




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