Rainwater Tanks

​Why should I install a rainwater tank?

Rainwater tanks can have multiple uses. They’re good for storing water for watering your garden, washing your car and flushing your toilet. And they’re also an excellent source of emergency water in a natural disaster. As we saw with the Canterbury earthquakes, a large earthquake can disrupt water supply for weeks or even months.

By diverting rainwater from your roof guttering to a rainwater tank, you’ll have your own source of water, even when the water supply system isn’t working. By having your own Rainwater Tank, you may be able to reduce your demand on mains water supply and, if you are metered, water charges.

Where can I find more information about rainwater tanks?

The following organisations provide further information about rainwater tanks:

Smarter Homes
Health Ed

The Ministry of Health also has information about managing water quality for households on tank water supply.

Page reviewed: 26 Aug 2015 11:58am