​​​​​​Stormwater is excess rainfall or water that doesn't soak into the ground. Stormwater includes rainwater off the roof and water that runs off hard surfaces, driveways and streets into the gutter.

Council needs to control stormwater to protect our community's health and safety and minimise property damage. Adequate collection and disposal arrangements are of critical importance and the flood prevention focus is important.

The stormwater drains from your house and the gutters in the road empty into underground stormwater systems.

Their contents are quickly discharged into nearby waterways, streams and rivers. Because stormwater is not treated it is illegal to allow anything other than rain to enter the stormwater system. For information on ways in which you can help prevent the pollution of our waterways go to Council website page Drains only for Rain.

Page reviewed: 15 Jul 2019 1:29pm