Chinese Investment

Why do we need Chinese (or any other foreign) investment?

Council's Economic Development Strategy 'Growing Ruapehu 2015-25' seeks to identify what actions council and the community can take over the next ten years to stimulate economic development in Ruapehu.

Our vision is for a prosperous rural community that capitalises on our existing agricultural, forestry, business and tourism sectors, grows economic diversity, while maintaining our outstanding rural and alpine environments.

This strategic direction is supported by the findings of the government funded Manawatu-Whanganui Regional Growth Study that was released in July this year (2015). It found that only the activation of significant extensions to existing industries and the nurturing of relatively new but compatible industries will lead to a gradual restoration of the region onto a stronger growth path.

Facilitating economic growth in Ruapehu will require significant investment. While existing operators may step-up their investment we will require new investors if we want to accelerate our economic development.

Nothing to fear from Chinese (or other) investment

It should be recognised that Ruapehu's economy is already benefiting from significant foreign investment. All our key economic activities of agriculture, forestry and tourism have foreign based owners involved with them.

Foreign investment from China (or anywhere else) has the potential to jump start regional growth opportunities and boost job creation and living standards. Foreign investment also provides additional opportunities for local entrepreneurs and investors who may be looking for an investment partner or market access.

Why is council enabling foreign investment?

The Regional Growth Study identified a critical success factor as the need for active regional leadership and direction to build capability and networks, both physical (like transport and communications) and virtual (co-operative networks and partnerships).

These networks need to extend beyond NZ to export markets. Council sees starting the relationship building process and facilitating opportunities for communication and investment is a key part of our leadership role.


Council has developed an investment prospectus on Ruapehu that is being presented to a delegation of Chinese investors in Palmerston North on Thursday 24 September 2015. The delegation comprises both government and private high net worth individuals.

Although the primary focus is on tourism investment the prospectus also covers a wider range of investment opportunities in Ruapehu including agriculture and specialist producer opportunities such as game packing.

Supporting material (in Mandarin)

Ruapehu Investment Prospectus

Presentation to Chinese Investor Delegation - Palmerston North 24 Sept 15


Ruapehu Mayor - Don Cameron    0064 7 895 8188    or     0064 21 202 7629

RDC Economic Development Manager - Warren Furner    0064 7 895 8188    or     0064 27 490 8648

Ruapehu China Investor Advisor - Joy Chen    0064 9 370 8356   or    0064 22 611 6496   (Mandarin speaker)

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