Business Development Support

​Council is committed to constant improvement in customer experience and part of this commitment is to give timely and correct information to our customers, including businesses.

Recent meetings with local business people highlighted that having somewhere to go for data and for information is important for business planning and development.  It also highlighted that often Council is the last port of call for information, which can result in wasted time and investment.

Starting a new business or looking to expand?

If you are starting a new business, want to expand, or change sites, you should talk to us early. 

If you want to start a new business, or have and existing business you want to expand, contact Council's Business Development and relationship Manager Peggy Veen early in your planning process. We can help you navigate any regulations or consents you may require. We can also help you interpret and understand information on Ruapehu's economy. This is a free service.

Peggy can also be contacted on 07 895 8188 or 06 385 8364 or via mobile 027 807 5305.

Some things to consider...

Each Council has its own rules and regulations about what business activity is allowed in different areas. Even if you have done business elsewhere, it is best to check our District Plan rules and other regulations first.  For instance, it is unlikely that you would be able to have a pig farm in a residential area.

Early investigation can save both time and money. Tell us your ideas and we can help you with what you need to know from Council.

  • Will you need signs? What are the rules?
  • Will you need car parking?
  • Are you selling food or alcohol? What do you need to know about this?

The District Plan has different zones where businesses and industries can  set up. These include commercial, industrial, residential and rural zones – for rural-based businesses.

There may be different rules for different zones. For example:

  • What activities are allowed within a particular zone or property.
  • How much noise you can make.
  • The hours of operation of your business.
  • How much parking you need to provide for staff and customers.
  • The use of hazardous chemicals on the site.

If you have a specific location in mind, check the Ruapehu District Plan and Horizons' One Plan for rules that apply to that location.

Market research is critical to validating your business idea and ensuring a viable market exists. Council provides links to a number of useful sites including population, economic and other information.

There is a range of information and tools available to assist in starting your own business, from assessing the feasibility of your idea to registering a domain name to including a recruiting service to retain staff with assistance from Work and Income.

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