Business and Farm Internet Skills

​Small and Medium Enterprises who utilise the internet extensively grow revenues faster than those that use it minimally.

Websites, online sales, online booking, farm management systems, staff using the internet and online accounting services produce substantial economic benefits for the individual business, local economy and national economy.

Get the most from the internet by improving your
skills and maximise the benefits of the internet!

Free on-line profile with About Us

Being on-line and having a web profile where people can find out all about your business is critical.

Council is offering through About Us a free web profile page to every business in Ruapehu. This is essentially a free website for your business.

Even if you already have a business website you should take advantage of this offer as it provides another way for people to find you on-line.

The About Us website is a modern "responsive design" website. This means that it automatically responds to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. That means it doesn't matter what device e.g. smartphone, PC, tablet, etc. someone is using to look at your profile page.

Getting on-line with About Us is easy as!

Getting on-line with About Us is really simple. To get started:

  1. See this easy to follow step-by-step About Us guide to creating your profile.
  2. Go to the About Us website and create your profile

We all know a good picture is worth a thousand words (or more). The internet/websites are visual mediums so it pays to get good images for your profile. This includes your logo. About Us will ask you to up load your logo which becomes a profile picture. If you don't have a logo don't leave this blank - up load a picture of yourself or something that represents your business.

Watch a video on Ruapehu businesses using the internet to succeed

There are some fantastic examples of Ruapehu businesses using the internet including social media. Council has put together a video with examples of a few Ruapehu businesses who are doing this well and taking advantage of all the internet/social media has to offer. See:  #GetDigital Ruapehu

Develop your on-line skills

Take advantage of the on-line tools, advice and information links below. Here you will find heaps of great ideas and advise on how to use the internet including social media to grow your business.

This includes free business mini courses for Facebook that show you how to make the most of the platform for growing your business whether your just starting out or well established.

Business Improvement Tools

There are now a myriad of on-lines tools, information and organisations that can assist you improve your business or farming operation.

















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