Web Connection Options and Providers


New Zealand Broadband Map

Check out the New Zealand ​Broadband Map to see what options are available where you live.

Note: Satellite internet is available everywhere and so is not shown on this map. The map may also not be completely accurate. You will need to confirm available services with the internet provider.







Urban internet service in Ruapehu

Phoneline connections (ADSL and VDSL) are most commonly used in urban areas. Links to Ruapehu service providers are listed below.

Fibre availability

Fibre is available sporadically around the District. To see if it is available to your home you will need to contact Chorus.




Rural internet service in Ruapehu

Council is participating in the government funded broadband roll out process to advocate for better internet and mobile services to Ruapehu's rural communities. Improving rural broadband and mobile coverage is seen as critical by Council to Ruapehu's future. In the interim the following options are available.


Tethering - turning your phone into a mobile hotspot

Tethering is when you turn you smartphone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and share your phones 3G/4G data connection. Once you've turned tethering on, any device with a wireless connection can connect to the internet via your smartphone's connection.

See here to learn how to turn on a mobile WIFI hotspot


Satellite internet service

Satellite internet is a wireless connection that involves three satellite dishes, one at the internet service provider's hub, one in space and one attached to your property.

More information on internet via satellite can be found at PlugThingsIn.com

Fixed wireless internet service

This service is provided over long range wireless towers to provide internet across long distances. 

School digital hubs

Almost all of the District's schools are connected to fibre. The internet can be shared with the school community by making your school a digital hub. Rural and remote areas where there is no, or poor, broadband service are the most likely to benefit from this kind of sharing.

Learn how

If you would like to attend a workshop to learn more about sharing your school's fibre connection please contact Lauren Gram at Council.




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