Food Premises

Starting out in the food business can be daunting.  If you are thinking of opening up a business it is important that you are aware of the standards​ required, and the correct application procedures.  Council provides information to help businesses meet these standards.

New Zealand Food Safety to consult on its draft strategy

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My Food Rules

The Ministry of Primary Industries have created a tool to help you find out the food safety rules for your type of business or activity. 

Food Control Plans

New businesses will be required to hold Food Control Plans or National Programmes under the new Food Act 2014 from 1 March 2016.  Existing businesses, depending on your type of business, will need to transition over the next 3 year period to hold Food Control Plans under the Food Act 2014.

If you would like to apply for an Approved Food Control Plan please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 07 895 8188 or 06 385 8364 so they can assist you and answer any questions you may have.

However, businesses who fall under the National Programmes will need to contact the Ministry of Primary Industries.

Food Control Plan (FCP) from 1 March 2016 under the Food Act 2014​ ​
​New Registration Fee (includes administration and verification fee) ​ ​​$521
​Annual Fee (includes administration and verification fee) ​ ​​$384
​Additional monitoring and compliance vists  ​ ​$150 per hour or $37.50 per 15 minutes​
​National Programme (NP) from 1 March 2016 under the Food Act 2014 ​
​New Registration Fee (administration fee only)​$84
​Annual Fee (administration fee only)​$84
​Additional monitoring or compliance visit​$150 per hour or $37.50 per 15 minute
Premises Inspections and Enforcement Fees
Additional monitoring and compliance visits​$150 per hour or $37.50 per 15 minutes

How to Apply 

To apply for a Food Premises Registration complete an application form and submit to Council. 

If you would like to apply for an Approved Food Control Plan, please contact Council's Environmental Health Officer 07 895 8188 should you require further information or assistance.

National Programme

Third Party Verifiers - Who Can Verify National Programmes

When you business fits under the requirements of a National Programme, you will not be able to be verified/audited by Ruapehu District Council, so you will need to contract a third party verifier.

Council can only register your business and is not involved in the verification component, so the contract will only be between your business and the third party verifier. 

Council strongly recommends that you gain a quote so that you are fully aware of the costs you will incur.

Following your verification, your verifier will also set the timeframe for your next verification, this could be annually, two or three yearly or only if something changes or happens, this all depends on the type of National Programme applied to your activity.

The following Verifiers travel to the Ruapehu District:

A+ Food Safety 0800 366 372

Quality Auditing Specialists Ltd 07 889 3500

Alternatively you can search the National Database from MPI for an alternative, Council are not able to recommend any specific person or service.

Establishing a Business

We encourage you to read through all current information before you purchase a business or design a new business.  Make sure you read the following brochures that can help you in your planning.

Legal Requirements

Food Premises whether fixed or permanent are required to comply with the Food Regulations 2015 and any applicable bylaws within the Ruapehu district.

An inspection will be conducted once an application is made and the premises is ready for business.  A Certificate of Registration is then issued subject to food hygiene compliance, allowing the premises to operate.  Inspections are made to ensure continued compliance. 

Note: Inspections are made to ensure continued compliance and are made at any reasonable time and may happen more than once a year dependant on risk.

The fees for registration are based on the type of business you are running.

Exemptions to the Legal Requirement

  • An accepted Food Safety Programme or Risk Management Plan that covers all products as accepted by the Ministy of Primary Industries (MPI).
  • Occasional premises, food stalls, boarding houses, hospitals, B&B's or accommodation which provides food as part of a main service.

Training and Qualifications

It is recommended that the preparation of food is supervised by an adequately qualified person.

Several training organisations are capable of providing formal training to achieve food safety qualifications.  You may choose to obtain these by correspondence or attend a scheduled couse. 

 Previous qualifications may be appropriate depending on the extent of qualification, experience and risk assessment of food preparation that is involved within the premises. 

It is a requirement under Council's Public Health and Safety Bylaw 2013 that all food premises have food handling staff that have passed or are in the process of acquiring a NZQA approved Basic Food or Food Safety certificate.

Food Handlers/Advanced Food Handlers Certificate Providers

For provider categories, please visit the NZQA website. 

Water Testing for Registered Premises

All private drinking water supplies need to be tested for E. coli, Total Coliforms.  A private drinking water supply is  tank water, spring water, etc (one that is not on the reticulated water supply system).

Some council's require this testing to be done at the change of each season (four times per year); but historically Ruapehu District Council has requested six monthly testing.

  • Total Coliform Testing - theoretically indicates the presence of all coliform group bacteria, both vegetative and faecal in origin.
  • E. coli - a coliform species found in the intestinal tract of warm blooded animals, its presence can be indicative of fresh pollution from human or animal waste.

List of Accredited & Ministry of Health Recognised Laboratories

Central Environmental Laboratories Limited
PO Box 8017
Ph (06) 351 4475  Fax (06) 353 8519

Rotorua District Council Laboratory
Private Bag 3092
Ph (07) 347 8575  Fax (07) 347 9373

Hill Laboratories, Microbiology, Hamilton
Private Bag 3205
Ph (07) 853 2505  Fax (07) 853 2502

Gt Lake Taupo DC
Private Bag 2005
Ph (07) 376 0899  Fax (07) 377 2303

Food and Health Environmental Ltd
PO Box 34003
Ph 021 894 059  or  (07) 871 9159

Hamilton City Council Laboratory
Private Bag 3010
Phone (07) 958 5870     Fax (07) 958 5871

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