Markets and Events

Who needs a stall licence

Any person wanting to run a stall to prepare or handle packaged or unpacked food for retail sale generally needs a licence. Even if the person has a food premises registration for a fixed premises or manufacturing facility, a separate licence for a stall is needed.

Examples of food stalls that need a licence include (but not limited to):

  • selling and/or cutting fruit or vegetables
  • cake or biscuits with dairy fillings or icings
  • takeaway foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas or hot chips
  • pasta, lasagne or curry
  • packaged and/or unpackaged sweets and lollies
  • jams and pickles
  • any other food.

Who doesn't need a stall licence

As of 1 March 2016, you can sell food to raise funds for a charity, or for cultural and community events without registering under the Food Act 2014 or obtaining a stall licence - but only up to 20 times in a calendar year.

Registrations and Licence duration

There is a two step process in obtaining a stall licence

​Step 1​Registering a Food Control Plan or National Programme with Council or Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).
​For more information on the processes or procedures in registering Food Control Plans and National Programmes, please contact Council or visit the Ministry for Primary Industries website
Step 2​Market, food stall or one off event licences are available as a single event licence (up to 3 consecutive days or 6 months and 1 year licences).
​If you want to operate a food stall regularly, an annual licence is recommended for convenience.  An annual licence requires only one application and fee to be made and you can operate your stall a number of times in that year.

The stall licence is renewable and although renewal notices are generally issued 30 days before expiry, it is the licence holders responsibility to ensure the licence is current.

Further Information

For further information, contact Council on 07 895 8188.

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