Mobile Shops and Trading in Public Places

A mobile shop is a vehicle from which goods and services are offered or sold.  Mobile shops selling food must meet the requirements of any relevant food laws and be registered under the Food Hygiene Regulations.

Operators that hold a current registration certificate with another council may still need to obtain a Registration Certiificate from Council to trade in this district.  Food handlers may also be required to hold a recognised ​food safety qualification.

Mobile Shop Registration ​Fee
Hish Risk - Vehicles and Caravans (covers food that is prepared, cooked or reheated on site e.g. burger vans, crepes, fish and chips, ice cream vendors, etc, and includes mobile purpose-built vehicles/caravans that could operate from within markets, events or approved public sites).$49/day, $228/6 months, $440/12 months
Low Risk - Vehicles and Caravans (covers food that is prepared, reheated on site, such as coffee carts, etc that could operate from markets, events or approved public sites.  No perishable food).​$38/day, $125/6 months, $238/12 months

 Further information around "Selling Food from Stalls and Local Markets"

In general, mobile shops are able to trade:

  • as part of a market or event (with the organisers permission)
  • In a Council designated mobile shop site.

Additional approval will be required if operating on:

  •  State Highways where the speed limit is more than 50km - approval is required from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).
  • Private Land - the land owners permission is required. In some cases resource consent may also be required.
  • Council Reserve Land (unless part of a registered event).

To apply for a registration certificate, complete the application and pay the required fee. You must submit your application at least 10 working days before you intend to operate.

Approval from Council's Environmental Health Officer is needed before a health registration certificate can be issued.  Inspections of food selling operations may be required.

For more information, please contact Council on 07 895 8188.

Hawkers, Mobile Shops and Intinerant Traders are prohibited in the following areas of the Ruapehu District


Hakiaha Street from Katarina Street to Turaki Street.  Miriama Street from Katarina Street to Morero Terrace incorporating Marae, Manuaute and Hikaia Streets.


State Highway 48 (Clyde Street) from Rata Street to Arawa Street incorporating Goldfinch to Ayr Streets.


Seddon Street from State Highway 4 to Duncan Street

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