Rates Instalments and Due Dates

​2018/19 Instalment Periods and Due Dates

Ruapehu District Council invoices rates in four equal instalments as outlined below. Invoices are due for payment in the middle month of each quarter.

The financial rating year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

InstalmentDue Date​​Period Covered
​No. 1​Monday 20 August 2018​1 July - 30 September
​No. 2Tuesday 20 November 2018​1 October - 31 December
​No. 3Wednesday 20 February 2019​1 January - 31 March
​No. 4​Monday 20 May 2019​1 April - 30 June

 Discount for Full Payment

If payment in full is received by 5.00pm, Monday 20 August 2018, you will receive Council's prompt payment discount of 3%.

 Overdue Payments

Additional Charge on Late Payments

An additional charge of 10% will be added to rates levied in the 2018/19 financial rating year that remain unpaid after the above due dates.

Additonal Charge on Rate Arrears

 A further additional charge of 10% will be added to all rates and penalties charged in previous years and still outstanding at 11 July 2018 and 11 January 2019.

Overdue Accounts

If your rate account is in arrears it is important that you contact Council as soon as possible to discuss payment arrangements. By making contact as soon as possible you may be able to minimise penalty charges and quickly bring your account up to date.

Metered Water Supply

 The basic annual charge for metered Water Supply is included in the rates assessment, where applicable.  Usage over 75m3/quarter will be invoiced separately. 

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