Rating Valuations

​​​​Revised Rating Valuations 2017

The rating valuations have been prepared for 9,805 properties on behalf of the Ruapehu District Council by Quotable Value Ltd (QV).
Rating valuations are carried out on all properties in New Zealand, usually once every three years to specifically help local councils set rates for the following three year period. Rating values are just one of a number of factors councils use to allocate rates.  Council rates will not be based on the new 2017 rating valuations until 1 July 2018. 
The updated rating valuations should reflect the likely selling price of a property at the effective revaluation date, which was 1 July, 2017, but do not include chattels.
The rating revaluation figures compiled by QV show the total ratable value of the 9,805 properties within the Ruapehu District is now $4.778 billion, with the land value of those properties now valued at $2.539 billion.

The updated rating valuations are independently audited by the Office of the Valuer General, and need to meet rigorous quality standards before the new rating valuations are certified.
New rating values will be posted to property owners after 11 October, 2017.

​The next revaluation will be in September 2020.

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