Land Transport Fees and Charges

The following fees and charges apply for the period
1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

Corridor Access Request (CAR)

Sections 12 and 150(6) of the Local Government Act 2002, Sections 119, 135, 146 and 142 of the Telecommunications Act 2001, Sections 25 and 26 of the Gas Act 1992 and Sections 24 and 25 of the Electricity Act 1992

Note: A CAR is required for all works carried out within the road corridor.  No CAR fees will be charged for Council Contractors if the works are being done for and on behalf of Council.

​CAR Application Fee​$125
​Non-Notification Fee (charge if Council is not informed of the CAR)​$310
​Inspection Fee (as required)  (per hour)​$125
​Travel Costs​$0.79/km


​RAPID Numbering

Sections 12 and 150(6) Local Government Act 2002

​Supply and Installation of new RAPID plate (for rural properties)​$65
​Supply and installation of replacement RAPID plate (for rural properties)​$55
​Supply replacement RAPID plate - no installation​$20
​Measurement only for RAPID only - no plate supplied (for rural properties)​$45


​Non-Spraying Areas

Sections 12 and 150(6) Local Government Act 2002

Road frontage - with no kerb or footpath - supply and install two pegs​$60
Additional pegs (each)​$25
​Road frontage - with kerb or footpath - supply and install two painted limit lines​$35


Road Closures

Sections 12 and 150(6) Local Government Act 2002

​Temporary Road Closure (not requiring inspection)​$350
​Temporary Road Closure (requiring inspection)​$530 plus actual and reasonable costs for repair or damage
​Applicant for a Permanent Road Closure (road stopping)​$600 plus actual and reasonable costs if stopping proceeds


Road Encroachment

Sections 12 and 150(6) Local Government Act 2002

​Fee Charged on Application​$125
​Note: Fee may be waived if, in the opinion of Council, there is sigtnificant public benefit for the private occupation of the public road reserve


Overweight/Overheight Permits

Schedule 4A Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974 and Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2002) - 3 or more working days

​Single or Multiple Trip Overweight Permit* ​$20.91
​Continuous or Area Overweight Permit​* $62.73
​Reissue of a Continuous or Area Overweight Permit​* $10.45
Additional Fee for any Overweight Permit where there are fewer than three working days available for processing​*10.45
* ​Plus actual and reasonable costs for engineering calculation including any application from High Productivity Vehicles (HPVs) and structural checking and inspections where required.As per professional services charges below​

* ​Plus Investigation Fee - Actual and Reasonable Costs:
A fee may be charged for an investigation into the feasibility of the proposed route(s) (as per Vehicle Dimension and Mass Permitting Manual Vol 1)

​As per professional services charges below


Relocation of Buildings and Other Structures

Sections 12 andf 250(6) Local Government Act 2002

​The following fee and bond are to ensure the protection of Council assets such as roads, street signage, street lighting, kerb and channelling, culvert ends, footpaths and water and sewer connections.  Inspections will take place before and after relocation.  The bond will be refunded on demonstration that there has not been any wilful or negligent damage or interference with Council assets.
Note that Resource Consents and/or Building Consents are required for the relocation of buildings and other structures.  In addition, Council sets a separate bond for the relocation of buildings into the District.  This is outlined under “Resource Management”.  Please refer to this section before relocating a structure into or within the District.
​Inspection and Monitoring Fee​$280
​Bond for Commercial Construction Site (applied at Building Consent stage and returned at Code Compliance stage)​$5,000


Professional Services - Land Transport

​External Professionals​At Cost + 10%
​Land Transport - Roading Manager (per hour)​$150
​Land Transport - Technical Services (per hour)​$125


Road Banner - Hakiaha Street, Taumarunui

​Installation Fee - Banner supplied by Applicant$280
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