Mowing, Grading and Spraying

​​Planned Work

Updated 18 February 2019, for week ending 24 February 2019


​Week Grading in North​​Grading in South
​18 Feb - 24 Feb​Waitaanga North
Waitaanga South
Kouturoa West
Upper Retaruke


Mowing for the week of 18 February until 24​ February 2019:

Berm Mowing - None programmed as Fire Indice is at extreme level.

Blades - None

Reach Mowing - None programmed as Fire Indice is at extreme level.

Spraying (weather dependent)​

Spraying for the week of  18 February until 24​ February 2019:

Okaihae, Kura, Koromiko, Ngakonui Ongarue & side roads, Ongarue Stream, Okauaka, Kokomiko, Waione, Amos, Raetihi Ohakune & side roads.

Mowing, Grading and Spraying Descriptions

​Arm (Reach) Mowing Arm mowing ​is done to mow grass and vegetation on the roadside banks of both sealed and unsealed roads. Arm mowers are used on the roadsides of unsealed roads as they are more suited to the uneven sides than a horizontal berm mower.
One round of arm mowing takes place across the District per season.
Verge (Berm) Mowing​Verge or berm mowing is used to mow the vegetation on the sides of sealed roads. Berm mowing is carried out on sealed roads because the roadside shoulders are fairly regular and there is a smaller risk of stones being projected away from the mower. 
Two rounds of berm mowing are carried out per season.
​Saw Blades​Saw blade work is carried out to cut back overhanging branches encroaching on the road that are larger than the mowers can handle. It is carried out during winter. There is a large programme of work that is being addressed over a few years.
​Drain and Plant Pest Spraying​Spraying is carried out twice per year to keep roadside drains free of vegetation. Contractors are allowed to use Glyphosate, Metsulfuron, Grazon and Tordon for this and for plant pest spraying.
Plant pest spraying from the road edge to the road boundary (fencelines) is carried out around the District. This is to spray for plants identified by Horizons Regional Council’s Plant Pest Strategy. This year we are targeting tutsan, broom, blackberry and gorse.  As Council only has a limited budget for plant pest spraying, large infestations are targeted first.
Council maintains a No Spray register if people wish to apply for their property frontage to not be sprayed.

Please contact Council if you would like to advise of any locations for saw blade, mowing, plant pest or spraying work or if you would like to apply to join the No Spray Register.


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