Ohura-Taumarunui Bus Trial

​​​​Help us put on the best possible trial.

The long term success of the bus service is dependent on community support.​ Help us by taking a quick minute to complete the survey at the end of this webpage. 

​What we are doing & why.

Council is planning to run a subsidised three month trial of a once a week bus service running between Taumarunui and Ohura.  We are hoping that the service will improve access to services and contribute toward improving social connections.

With improving public transport being aligned with the government’s wellbeing and public transport agenda we believe we can put together a solid business case for long term funding if the demand for the service is proven.

Trial period.

The trial will start early July and run for three months until the end of September. 

​Timetable and route.

The route will go from Taumarunui to Ohura via SH43 and return the same way.
For efficiency and economic reasons the service needs to be coordinated with the school bus timetable (the service will run during school holidays).

​Morning service: Taumarunui to Ohura via SH43

  • Taumarunui      08.30 am   
  • Aukopae            08.55
  • Tokirima            09.10
  • Mangaparo      09.20 
  • Ohura                09.30
  • Matiere            09.50
  • Tuhua                10.00
  • Taumarunui    10.30am

Return journey.

The bus for the return journey will leave the Taumarunui Railway Station at 1.30pm.


The cost of the trial is being subsidised by Council. A trip will be $6 return per person (child and adult).

Bus stops.

Bus stops in Ohura and Matiere will be at the Cosmopolitan Club in both townships otherwise on SH43 and Ohura Rd in the other towns along the route.

The bus will stop (and pick-up for the return journey) at the the Railway Station with stops at the hospital and New World on demand. 

Survey - help us put on the best possible trial.​

What is the best day for the service?
Where will you catch the bus?
What Taumarunui bus stop do you think you would use the most?
The main bus stop is at the Railway Station however the bus will be stopping at the hospital and New World on demand.
What is the main reason for using the service?
This info will help us when making an application for permanent funding.
This is for follow-up questions, etc. if they come up.
Do you have any other thoughts, comments, ideas that would help make the trail a success?
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