Procurement Strategy

 Council has implemented procurement policies that are aimed at benefiting local communities by ensuring that, wherever possible, local rates are spent locally.

In 2014, Council committed to retaining local expertise in deciding on its new vendors for road maintenance services. In doing so, it unbundled its local road maintenance services contract and divided it across six separate suppliers comprising; Downer, Jilesens,
JJ Walters, Emmetts, Mulch and Mow and Agspec, rather than one central supplier, as it has been for some time.

This approach has assisted in developing capability and resilience in rural communities, which benefit in numerous ways from this expenditure, as it adds to the viability of local farms and develops local skills and capabilities with able farmers who are also capable contractors.

This helps to maintain rural communities by providing wider opportunities, maintaining school roles, active local sports clubs and social networks as well as helping to ensure that there is sufficient capability in the system for development of remote community resources (lifeline resilience) able to deliver swift responses to emergency and civil defence events.

Page reviewed: 12 Jul 2016 2:11pm