Resealing Programme

Why reseal?

Every year, the Ruapehu District Council carries out a resealing programme over summer as part of a planned road pavement preventative maintenance programme. People who don’t understand the process often question why this is necessary.

The seal on a road is like paint on your house - it keeps water out of the structure underneath. Like paint, the seal breaks down over time and starts to let water in. When the surface of a road starts to break down it is time to reseal the road which makes the surface waterproof and reduces the rate of further deterioration. The newly sealed surface can be expected to last about 14 years before requiring a further reseal.

The ideal time to reseal is just before any damage occurs, so your road may still look to be in good condition before the reseal is undertaken. Council reseals up to 30 kilometres road each year at a cost of $1.45M.

Ruapehu roads are generally resealed with a stone chip seal. The process begins with minor repairs being carried out a couple of months prior to resealing. Stone chips are stockpiled, traffic control is established, hot bitumen is sprayed and stone sealing chips are spread and rolled in. Traffic is then allowed on the road to bed the new seal. Finally, excess sealing chips are swept away within a week or so, road marking is reinstated soon after and temporary traffic management removed.

If you want to find out more about this year's reseal programme please contact Cook Te Wano at Ruapehu District Council on 07 895 8188 or email 

Summer resealing sites 2018/19  (as of 18/02/19)

​JobRoad/Street​Start RP​End RP​Length (m)​​Status​
​National Park Rural
​1Oio Rd​​2,7004,140​​1,440Complete​
​2​Oio Rd​16,04018,306​2,266​​CompleteKaitieke to Upoko Road​​
Ohura Rural
​3​Ngakonui Ongarue Rd​27,83029,317​1,487​Complete​Bennetts Rd to Ongarue​
​4​Kirikau Valley Rd518​636​118​​Complete​Bridge approach​
​5​Tawata Road​4,550​4,660110​Complete​​​Kokakoriki Junction​
​6​Ohura Rd​9,889​​12,039​2,150Complete​​​Ends at Oka Saddle Junction
​7​Ohura Rd​​35,161​36,733​1,572​Complete​​Waitewhena Road to Ohura
​8​Ongarue Waimiha Rd16,380​17,560​1,180​Complete​​​By Takiri Road to Urupa
​9​Poro O Tarao Rd940​1,380​440​Complete​​
​10​Poro O Tarao Rd1,520​2,900​1,380​​Complete
​11​Waitaanga Rd18,498​19,820​1,322​​Complete​At Waitaanga
​12​Waitaanga Rd23,888​24,032​144​​Complete​At boundary
​Raetihi Urban
​13​Hukaroa Road​342​934​592​​Complete​Mt View to Grey
​14​Queen St519​744​225​Complete​​Duncan to Ballance
Special Purpose Rd
​15​Ohakune Mountain Rd2,830​5,100​2,270​Complete​​Rimu Hill
​Taumarunui Rural
​16​Pongahuru Rd12320178​Complete​​Bridge approach
​17​Hikumutu Rd503​3,980​​3,477Complete​​Sunshine to Tunakotekote Rd
​18​Makokomiko Rd6,148​​6,231​83Complete​​Bridge approach
Taumarunui Urban
​19​Tawa St0​545​​545Complete​​Valley to end
Waimarino Rural
​20​Otiranui Rd0​123​123​Complete​​Pakihi Road to bridge
​21​Turakina Valley Rd2,950​3,025​​75Complete​​Bridge approach
​22​Whangaehu Valley Rd​01,685​​1,685Complete​​SH49 to Powells Rd
Total all areas

Please note RP stands for Route Position ie How many meters along the road.

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