How do I apply to put in a Vehicle Crossing?

​A vehicle crossing is the section of driveway that connects the front property boundary to the roadway and includes any crossing constructed over a footpath, curb, berm, water channel, or drain.

It is the Property owners responsibly to install and maintain the vehicle crossing.

To make an application for a new vehicle crossing please go to BeforeUDig and submit an enquiry. This is called a Corridor Access Request.

If you do the job yourself it’s your responsibility to find out where all the underground cables and services are on the site. That includes sewer, stormwater, drainage, water supply, gas, power and telecommunications services. The BeforeUDig application will help you with the location of these. Please take the time to make sure where all these services are. It's very dangerous to dig near underground power cables, and if you dig into other services you'll have to pay for any damage done.

If your crossing is being installed by a contractor, it's their responsibility to check your site and do the work safely. We recommend hiring a contractor to do this work as things such as Traffic Management Plans may also need to the be provided and approved.

We have some standard Vehicle Crossing Design Plans that you can use for your project. Please see links below.

For fees and charges relating to this please click here to find the latest Fees and Charges Manual.

Vehicle entrance locations, width and sight distances

Vehicle entrances must comply with the rules in the District Plan, which cover their location, nearness to other driveways and intersections and widths to be formed to.

Here are two of the main tables. For more information on these things, please see the District plan transport rules. And include all the links below here.

Where a site has frontage onto two roads, accesses should be formed on the side that provides the safest access to and from the site for both people using the site and the road. This is usually the road with the least traffic on it.

Please note that no new vehicle access shall be created onto State Highway 4 between Waimarino Tokaanu Road and Carroll Street in National Park Township.

For further queries, please contact us the Land Transport team on


TI 3.3.2 (b)


 TI 3.3.2(e)


District plan page

District plan transport rules

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