Weight and Speed Limits on Bridges

​Regulation 11, Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974

Pursuant to Regulation 11(3) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974, Council has fixed the following maximum weight and speed limits for heavy motor vehicles and combinations, including a heavy motor vehicle, on the bridges described hereunder.

​Name of  road​Name of bridge​Max weight on any one axle (kg)​Gross weight (max sum of axle weights) (kg)​Max speed limit (km/hr)
​4​Mangakara​Aitchesons​8,200​90% Class 1​10
​19​Heao​Heao No 1​4,000​40% Class 1​5
​43​Knights​Knights​8,200​50% Class 1​15
​60​Mangakara​Mangakara No 4​30
​71​Mansons Siding​Mansons Siding​30
​132​Otunui North​Richardsons​30
​139​Poro-O-Tarao​Poro-O-Tarao Stream​10
​147​Kokopuiti​Kokopuiti Rail Overbridge​5,700​55% Class 1​15
​148​Waipu​Waipu Rail Overbridge​5,000​50% Class 1​5
​152​Waitewhena​Waitewhena Rail Overbridge​8,200​50% Class 1​15
​153​Waikaka​Waikaka Rail Overbridge​8,200​90% Class 1​15
​174​Rimu​Rimu No 2​6,500​60% Class 1​15
​186​Tangarakau​Tockers​3,400​30% Class 1​15
​218​Oio​Lacy's Suspension​4,000​10,500kg​15
​240​Woods​Woods​5,700​50% Class 1​50
​241​Bodys​Bodys (Fifields)​10
​278​Hoihenga​Hoihenga Suspension​5,000​10,000kg​15
​292​Mangateitei​Rail Overbridge​8,200​70% Class 1​15
​297​Matahiwi Track​Mangawhero Stream​8,200​80% Class 1​5
​308​HaItana's Access​Haitana's Suspension​7,200​12,000kg​15
​309​Haitana's Access​Thompson's Bridge​7,200​60% Class 1​15
​404​Ruapehu Road​Ruapehu Road Overbridge2,5005,000kg​50

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Removal of Restrictions

The weight and speed restrictions on Mangateitei Stream Bridge 291 on Mangateitei Road have been removed.

The weight restriction on Poro-O-Tarao Stream Bridge 139 on Poro-O-Tarao Road has been removed.


Attention is drawn to the applicable infringement fees set out in Schedule 1 of the Land Transport (Offences and Penalties) Regulations 1999, which apply to infringement of these limits.

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