Ruapehu District is one of NZ’s largest districts by land area but with one of the smallest permanent population counts made up of many small, diverse and geographically spread out rural communities.

The Roading (Land Transport) function involves the maintenance and development of all local roads, kerbs, channels, bridges, street lighting, footpaths and street furniture.

For Council, this means managing a road network of over 1,400km of which two thirds is unsealed, including 344 bridges spanning 4.4km that covers some of the most challenging terrain in NZ, plus servicing over 67km of footpaths and 1,700 street lights.

The Land Transport activity is Ruapehu's largest single expenditure item accounting for almost half of Council's annual expenditure (2015/16 - 46%).

Strategic Objectives

For the Ruapehu economy to grow its key agriculture, tourism, commerce and industry sectors, it is vital to have the ability to move goods and visitors efficiently around the District. As such, Council's strategic Land Transport objectives are focused on building a more productive, competitive NZ Inc.

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