Kerbside Collection

​​​​​​​​New collection days from Monday 19 October.

As part of working toward Ruapehu's ZeroWaste 2040 vision and help mitigate the increasing costs of waste disposal Council is introducing kerbside food waste collection alongside the current kerbside recycling and solid waste collection service.

​The introduction of kerbside food waste collection will mean that some people will have a new pick-up day. This is to allow more time for the increased level of service​. e.g. Currently Taumarunui's kerbside collection day is Thursday. From Monday 19 October Taumarunui's collection days will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

​Collection daysUp to 19 Oct​From 19 Oct
Food ​waste only

​Townships with multiple collection days​

Collection days by street/road for each township where there are multiple pick-up days are listed in the tables below. The street/road names are in alphabetical order. 

Taumarunui - from Monday 19 October.

Taumarunui will have 3 collection days being Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from Monday 19 October.

Blair Road​Bp Road​Bell Road
​Braggs Ave​Bullians Avenue​Boles Street
​Falkner Park​Byars Avenue​Campbell Street
​Hikumutu Road​Cherry Grove Road​Corlett Street
​Hillsview Crescent​Cross Street​East Street
​Maher Road​Esplanade​Golf Road
​Marsack Road​Harvey Street​Hakiaha Street
​Puketapu Crescent​Hekeawai Drive​Hall Crescent
​Racecourse Road​Hikaia Street​High Street
​Steadman Street​House Avenue​Hikurangi Terrace
​Sunshine Road​Huia Street​Lairdvale Road
​Upper Rangaroa Road​Katarina Street​Lower Rangaroa Road
​Kenheath Place​Manson Street
​Kururau Road​New Road
​Little Road​North Street
​Maata Street​River Road
​Main South Highway​Roslyn Street​
​Makere Street​​Ruapehu Crescent
​Manuaute Street​Seath Avenue
​Marae Street​Short Street​
​Miriama Street​Simmons Road
​Morero Terrace​South Street
​Ngatai Street​State Highway 4​
​Para Street​Taringamotu Road
​Paraone Street​Tarrangower Avenue
​Pei Te Hurinui Drive​Ward Street
​Porou Street​West Street
​Reu Street
​Taitua Street
​Taumarunui Street
​Taupo Road
​Te Peka Street
​Thompson Avenue
​Tuku Street
​Tumoana Street
​Turaki Street
​Wackrow Street
​Whanganui River Road

Man​unui - from Monday 19 October.

Manunui will have 2 collection days being Tuesday and Thursday from Monday 19 October.

​Kowhai Lane​Miro Street
​Matai Street​Rimu Street
​Nikau StreetSH4
​Rata StreetSH41
Tawa Street​Tarata Place
Titoki Street​Totara Street
Valley Road
​​Waikura Terrace​


Ohakune will have 2 collection days being ​​Monday and Tuesday from Monday 19 October.​

​Alpine Way​Arawa Street
​Bracken Street​​Awatea Place​​​
​Burns Street​Ayr Street
​Carex Way​Carter Terrace
​Clyde Street​Conway Street
​Cordyline Place​Fern Lane
​Egmont Street​Goldfinch Street
​Foyle Street​Hebe Lane
​Huia Rise​Kahikatea Lane
​Kanuka Way​Kanuka Lane
​Karo Street​Karamu Place
​Kowhai Crescent​Kauri Way
​Magnolia Way​Kowhai Heights
​Matai Street​Kowhai Way
​Moore Street​Lee Street
​Ohakune Mountain Road​Maire Way
​Old Station Road​Mangawhero Terrace
​Park Avenue​Manuka Street
​Patiti Road​Martin Place
​Pukatea Place​Miro Street
​Raetihi Ohakune Road​Puka Lane
​Railway Row​Rata Street
​Rangataua Road​Shannon Street
​Rimu Street​Snowberry Lane
​Ruapehu Road​Tainui Street
​Snowmass Drive​Tay Street
​Southridge Drive​Ti Kouka Place
​State Highway 49​Toe Toe Lane
​Tawa Street​Tui Way
​Tawhero Street​Willow Lane
​Teitei Drive​Wye Street
​Thames Street
​Tiffany Place
​Totara Street
​Turoa Drive
​Tussock Way
​Tyne Street
​Utuhia Place​

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