Kerbside Collection

​Please follow these simple rules to ensure that your kerbside rubbish and recyling is always picked-up.

  • Remove lids from all bottles and jars and rinse
  • Squash all plastic containers - only plastics with a 1 or 2 in a triangle stamped on container can be recycled - this is not ice cream containers.
  • Tie paper and cardboard with string or put in checkout bag beside your blue bin if if won't fit 
  • Be careful not to mix rubbish with recycling
  • Don't overfill your bin! 


Collection Days

- Ohakune, Raetihi and Rangataua

- Kakahi, Mahoe, Manunui, Piriaka and Taumarunui

The Thursday kerbside collection is affected by Boxing Day and the public holiday on the day after New Year's Day.

Boxing Day and the day after New Year's day fall on a Thursday so the kerbside collection scheduled for both these days will be on the Friday. See below for more detail.

Please Note:

  • Your refuse and recycling should be at kerbside by 7.30am on collection day
  • Refuse for disposal must be in an official Ruapehu District Council rubbish bag
  • A maximum of three bags will be collected from any property, any additional bags should be taken to your nearest Transfer Station.
  • Official rubbish bags can be purchased at all Council Service Centres and other local shops, click on the link  to see all outlets
  • All recycling items go into your blue household recycling bin
  • The Christmas and New Year period is the only time that kerbside collection days may vary. For the remainder of the year inc. all other public holidays kerbside collection days are always as above.

Box Day and the day after New Year's Day 2019/20

  1. Due to Boxing Day and the day after New Year's day falling on a Thursday Envirowaste will need to move their collection day forward in Taumarunui, Manunui, Mahoe and Piriaka from the normally scheduled Thursday 26th to Friday 27th December and from Thursday 2nd January to Friday 3rd January. 
  2. The Waimarino kerbside collection for Ohakune, Raetihi and Rangataua is unaffected by Christmas/New Year and will run on Monday as normal.
  3. ​Kerbside collection services will resume as per normal ollection resuming as normal the week after New Year (Monday 6 January to Friday 10 January)​

Pink kerbside rubbish bags

Rubbish must be put out for collection in an official (pink) council rubbish bag. Rubbish in an official pink bag can also be dropped-off for free at any council Transfer Station.

Where can I buy official pink kerbside bags?

  • Any council office (Large $3.80, Small $2.20)
  • New World - Taumarunui and Ohakune
  • Four Square - Taumarunui

*Please note that retailers set their own prices for the sale of bags.

What can't I recycle or put in my Blue Bin?

The following types of items are unable to be recycled and should be put out in your official pink kerbside rubbish bag or taken to the Transfer Station.

- not all plastics can be recycled

  • Cups,  Plates and Saucers
  • Ice Cream Containers
  • Laundry Bottles
  • Margarine Containers
  • Meat Trays
  • Yoghurt Containers

- not all types of glass can be recycled.

  • Broken Glass (if putting out with your kerbside rubbish should be properly wrapped)
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Light Bulbs
  • Mirrors
  • Pyrex or Arcroc
  • Window Glass

- paper and cardboard that has been covered in plastic, painted or otherwise treated.

  • Juice Cartons
  • Painted or Waxed Paper

  • Ceramics
  • Food Scraps
  • Nappies (Try modern cloth nappies with council's special cloth nappy 'starter pack' offer a go and save big $$$)
  • Rope
  • Paint and chemicals (the Transfer Stations can take these but they should not be put into the landfill)

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