​Refuse is another name for everyday rubbish or waste.  Refuse includes - sweepings, dust, bones, cold ashes, packaging and other non-recyclable rubbish from everyday household activities.  These can all go into your rubbish bags and are all disposed of.

Transfer Stations and District Landfill

Council operates a district Landfill and recycling centre in Taumarunui along with Transfer Stations in National park, Ohura, Owhango, Ongarue and Ohakune (Waimarino).

The locations and opening hours for these facilities​ can be found by following this link.

If you have special refuse or recycling needs or need assistance with rubbish disposal or recycling please email Daniel Allen or contact him via a local Council office.

What can't go into my Refuse Bags?

  • Hot Ashes
  • Garden Waste and Hedge Clippings
  • Hazardous Waste

Recyclables such as - Glass Bottles and Jars, Paper and Cardboard, Cans and Plastics with recycling symbols 1 and 2 should be placed in your recycle bin, not your rubbish bags.  Visit our Recycling Page for more information.

Solid Waste

The Health Act 1956 requires Council to provide this activity to ensure that the public suffers no adverse effects due to the accumulation of refuse.

The Future Ruapehu Community Outcomes 2005 consultation process highlighted community priorities including core infrastructure, minimal environmental impacts, community participation in planning and zero waste.  The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) released the New Zealand Waste Strategy 2002 which provides directives and targets for councils to achieve in the management of solid waste.

Horizons Regional Council’s Regional Policy Statement (1998) contains specific responsibilities for solid waste management that will be replaced by the 2006 “One Plan”.

Fees and Charges

Transfer Stations and kerbside collection Fees and Charges

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