​Food waste is a massive problem in New Zealand, and it's no different in our district. Every year New Zealand homes throw away 122,547 tonnes of food - this is enough to feed the whole of Dunedin for two years! Wasting this food costs the average household $563 a year.  If you would like to reduce how much of your food is wasted please click on this link:

There are many pig farmers in our district so you could approach one and see if they can utilise your wasted food. 

Do you have food scraps but don’t want to compost?  There are people who will take your waste and use it instead!  Click on the Sharewaste link to find out more!

Alternatively you can compost this resource.  Compost is nature's way of recycling.

Some benefits of composting and worm farming:

  • Quick and easy way to reuse your food and garden waste
  • Lightens your rubbish bag - money saver
  • Creates natural fertiliser for free
  • Stops methane gas production by diverting food from landfill

Unsure how to create a compost?  Click on this link:

Want to get even more nutrients into your compost? Well consider adding herbs:

Don't want to buy or make a compost bin?  Want to compost pet waste?  Trench composting might suit you because the scraps are buried directly into the soil – click on this link for further info:

How to make your own compost bin out of pallets:

Unsure how to start a worm farm?  Click on this link:

Do you want to compost your pet waste?  Click on this link:

Do you have limited space for a compost bin? Fermented composting might suit you check out zingbokashi

If you would like help starting a compost or worm farm, or would like FREE worms please contact Emily on 07 895 8188 ext 216, 027 203 1247or email​ 

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