Recycle Right

​​Recycling is one of the most important things we can all to help protect Ruapehu and its beautiful environment. 

We all want everything that we can recycle to be recycled. Unforunately some of what we put out with the best intentions for recycling is rejected and ends up going to landfill.

Recycling is FREE at all Ruapehu Transfer Stations​. This includes the disposal of whitewear.

Follow these simple, quick steps to help ensure we can recyle as much as we can.

  1. Remove all caps and lids from bottles and jars and put in the rubbish
  2. Rinse all bottles and jars (any contamination will mean they are rejected)
  3. Only put plastic grades 1 and 2 out for recycling (at this stage plastic grades 3-7 cannot be recycled. This includes ice cream containers)
  4. Put dirty paper and cardboard food containers such as pizza boxes in your green food bucket.  Click on this link for more info:

Page reviewed: 29 Mar 2021 4:06pm