Waste Minimisation

When you are going to store food consider what resources you already have.  Bread bags can be reused instead of snaplock bags and clingfilm.  Have you got some glass jars or plastic containers that you can use?​​​

A huge thank you to The Rubbish Trip

Liam and Hannah of The Rubbish Trip  delivered five information packed, interactive workshops across our district for FREE.  Thank you to the following organisations for supporting this kaupapa and providing venues: Amoa Hawira of Para Kore, Angel Louise Café, Ruapehu REAP and CKC REAP.  The Rubbish Trip website contains all of the recipes that were covered in the workshops plus a wealth of information regarding Zero Waste Living – click on this link to check it out: https://therubbishtrip.co.nz/.  ​

Within the website they also have a regional shopping guide that covers as many low-waste options as Hannah and Liam could find for food, drink, kitchen and food packaging, cleaning products and bathroom products – scroll down to view each category.  At the end of each district section, they also list community groups, council services and ideas for tricky waste streams so make sure you read down to that part too!  Click on the link for our region: http://therubbishtrip.co.nz/regional-shopping-guide/zero-waste-in-whanganui-ruapehu-districts/

The Rubbish Trip Recipes

The resources below have been created and kindly shared by Hannah and Liam of The Rubbish Trip: https://therubbishtrip.co.nz/
Their website is full of excellent information and resources, just click on the link.  For specific recipes that relate to the workshops they delivered click on the following links: ​

Contact me

If you want to discuss any of Council's waste minimisation initiatives, or arrange for a waste minimisation workshop or programme for your community group, school, marae or business, please contact me
Phone: 027 203 1247 or via your local Council office 07 895 8188 (Taumarunui) or 06 385 8364 (Ohakune)​

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